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What is the American Truckers Freedom Convoy?

Freedom convoys are peaceful, non-violent, demonstrations by those who wish to express their constitutional rights. All registered convoy participants are required to accept the terms & conditions set by the event planners as well as acknowledge a participant code of conduct.  

About American Truckers Freedom Fund supported by the Great American Patriot Project (GAPP)

The American Truckers Freedom Fund is processed through an independent fundraising platform, removed from the economic limitations of other fundraising platforms like GoFundMe, to assure that individual truckers receive direct assistance for food, fuel, and supplies as our fellow Americans take this trip.

The American Truckers Freedom Fund is a special initiative of the Great American Patriot Project (GAPP) in support of health freedom convoys around the country in the coming weeks. Project (GAPP) facilitates fundraising through online crowdfunding with the support of our partners and staunch advocates for Freedom, Liberty, & The American Way.

Peaceful Expression

Many truckers and convoys are also participating to...

  • Reopen the Keystone Pipeline & Reinstate Oil/Gas Production Domestically.

  • Reclaim National Energy Independence.

  • Fight Against Big Tech/Government Censorship.

  • Secure the Southern Border.

  • Fight against agricultural regulations that disproportionately affect farmers.

  • Fight Against Big Pharma Control over Independent Liberty.

  • Reinstate Liability to Pharmaceutical Companies for Vaccine Damage/Death.


Contribute to the American Freedom Truckers Fund. With these funds we are able provide direct financial help to truckers wanting to participate in a freedom convoy as well cover operational costs.

Send a Testimonial to Congress

If you are participating in the convoy or support the convoy, share your story here. Let them know why you think the convoy is important and the issues you want your representatives in Washington to recognize. Your statement will be shared with the chairman of the American Truckers Freedom Caucus & an allied congressional member closest to your district. It is important to share your story to help Congress formally address constituent concerns.

The Great American Patriot Party is a 527 Political Action Committee (PAC) formed to unite Great American Patriots from all over the US. Our Board is comprised of people from all walks of life.  We are red-blooded Americans who are tired of seeing our Government leaders leverage our support by making promises that are seldom kept.  We believe our tax dollars should primarily go to support efforts to make America better for all Americans.